Monday, 11 September 2017


What does this word mean for you? What are your commitments? 

We all have commitments.  Each day, we wake up and commit to showing up for our job, and performing, as per our agreement with the company.  Our employer has a commitment to pay us. 

We also have a commitment to paying our bills.  When someone provides us a service we need to commit to paying that service. We have the commitment of paying our rent, so that we have a roof over our heads and somewhere to sleep.

We may also have the commitment of caring for children, nourishing them, nurturing them and paying for their education. 

What about commitment to Self? What about commitment in our intimate relationship? 

Do we notice that we are dedicating and committing ourselves more fully to certain causes, because of the fear of loss?  We may be committed to our job in fear of losing it. We may be committed to academic studies in fear of failing.  

While people are so committed to these duties,  they are not so committed in how they nurture and nourish their body, Soul, and mind! They don't fear the loss of health - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing...not until they have lost it...and come to the realization that their health is their wealth.  How can we complete any task successfully, or work to our full potential daily, if we are not caring for this body...this temple that houses our Soul? Do we make the effort to commit to inner growth and development of our being?

Do we fully commit to our relationships...really?  Or do we take them for granted? Do we abandon our commitment to our partners more easily, then we do to these other duties, because we don't fear losing them as much as we fear losing our job?  

We may need to dedicate ourself to certain duties daily because this is the system we live in, and it is understandable. But we have come to a human beings...where we have lost compassion, passion and consideration for our own wellbeing and for our loved ones! 

We live in a world of duality where we need to balance and embrace both sides of the coin, the light and the dark, the good and the bad.  

There are two types of commitment:

In our health and intimate relationships commitment means - 'the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, or person'.  And...the synonyms to this are - dedicationdevotionallegianceloyaltyfaithfulnessfidelitybondadherenceattentiveness

In our labour and duties commitment means - an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.  And...the synonyms are - responsibilityobligationdutytiechargeliabilityburdenpressure! 

Are we balancing both sides of the coin? Are you fully committed in Life and Love? Or...are you fully committed to labour and slavery?   

We need to get our priorities straight in life!  When we are taking our last breath...the material things that we acquired will be meaningless!  We will think only of our suffering and state of health when our body is decaying....we will also think of our loved ones and wished that we committed. 

Today....consider to....

  • Commit to nourishing your body with nature's nutrients to enjoy the vitality and bliss that you were designed to feel
  • Commit to prayer and meditation to build a strong foundation to carry you through life
  • Commit to spiritual growth and development
  • Commit to nurturing your intimate relationship in love and spiritual growth
  • Commit to living a Conscious life on all levels...body, Soul, and mind
  • Commit to loving your partner, respecting them and considering their feelings
  • Commit to fill the day with love and light to uplift others
  • Commit to making someone smile today

Remember....that Love can lift you up...and carry you through any struggle!  Don't forget your loved ones who have committed to you!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Eleven Doctors of Health: Step 2 - Meditation & Prayer - Personal and Relationships

In my last blog I wrote about the importance of connecting with Source/God.

Today I want to talk about Prayer and Meditation. How you start your day...and end your very important.

Personal Benefits of Meditation and Prayer

Make time, in the morning before you start your day, and in the evening before bed, to connect with God. Prayer and meditation will keep you grounded, centered, so that you don't feel overwhelmed by life's challenges.

Sometimes simply meditate...practice stillness...connect with your body. In meditation, you are not doing...but are allowing yourself time to sit in silence. Daily silence brings inward focus, to connect with your inner voice, your internal navigator.

This inner voice guides you to find your personal power, to better direct your life path. When you are disconnected, you rely on the opinions of others to make choices for you, and so you give away your personal power! It is important that we consciously direct our lives through our own choices. The more we do this, the more in tune we become with our internal navigator, and we are better able to connect with God's guidance.

Practicing meditation and prayer will bring peace and tranquility to your day...and to your life! You will cope better with life's daily challenges. You will become the observer, and not get attached and caught up in situations. You will respond consciously and positively...not react sub-consciously. You will also sleep better.

I find that I am very unbalanced and lack focus when I don't keep up with my daily meditation.

Importance of Meditation and Prayer to Grow and Nurture Relationships

I believe that relationships are suffering because couples don't seek to connect spiritually...between themselves...and with God!

Early in the relationship everything is all roses, and then (if you're not living consciously) things tend to stagnate...and sometimes go downhill!

A relationship should serve you in love and spiritual growth. Taking the time to evolve spiritually on a personal level is important...and it is just as important to grow spiritually with your partner...if you truly desire a meaningful relationship.

Couples who meditate and pray together live more consciously and connect more deeply with their partner as time goes by. They don't forget the simple pleasures and treasures in life, such as 'the way your eyes light up when you smile' or 'the dimples on your cheeks when you smile'. You see...these are the little things that they noticed and loved about you in the beginning, because in the early days...when you are love and Soul tend to gaze more at your partner. Couples living unconsciously barely look at each other when they talk, they may be preoccupied with something and not even paying attention. This is sad!

When you start and end your day in prayer or meditation with your partner, you will find in the moment after, that you become very present...because you are in Soul centre from connecting with the Divine! will look at your partner completely...from the heart...and gaze at them attentively with love! From this spiritual practice and will never stop noticing the beautiful little things about your partner. It will generate a stronger feeling of love and oneness between you...and you will be more joyful, have less arguments and handle misunderstandings in a gentle, loving way.

When you bond spiritually with your build a stronger emotional connection...and grow in love! When you don't bond spiritually with your grow apart.

A man should in fact lead the relationship in growth...and a woman should nurture the relationship in love, and stand by him as he leads the way.

Prayer and meditation makes us more conscious...of our thoughts and actions...and as we improve our being through this, we increase our inner peace, happiness and our light!

Nurture and Grow Your Relationship

The union of the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine is the most beautiful gift to experience! Once we have evolved personally...through our personal relationship with God...and living in harmony with creation and accepting and loving all beings...the final step is the Divine Union of Man and Woman. Not many are fortunate to experience this. It can be hard if one is evolving spiritually and independently of their partner.

I would like to recommend a beautiful book - The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida, the Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work and Sexual Desire. It teaches men to reconnect and reclaim their masculine energy and to use it in career growth...and to lead and direct the relationship. This book is not trying to make you become something other than you...something that you are merely shows how man has given his masculine power and energy away in these modern times. There is direction for women to reconnect with the feminine too. It highlights the importance of spiritual union...and the need for a strong feminine and masculine energy for a deeper, more profound, and passionate relationship.

I hope this post has been helpful to you...and I wish you love and endless spiritual growth in your relationship! You are beautiful...and deserving of love and pleasure...and I believe that God wishes for you to experience the pure ecstasy of the Divine in your relationship.

Connect with the Divine for true love and bliss!

Practice Stillness Today

Eleven Doctors of Health: Step 1 - Connect with Source

In my last post I mentioned the Eleven Doctors of Health - Source, Meditation & Prayer, Nature, Earth Grounding, Sunshine, Air, Water, Nourishment, Movement, Rest, Laughter.

Today I am going to elaborate on the first - Source!

What is Source?

It is to connect with the Higher Power of Creation...God...Life Force...the Universe.

Whatever Source means to you...we have to agree that this human life and all creation is phenomenal...a miracle! There has to be a Divine power animating existence.

Why is Source, or God, important my well-being? For these reasons...

Foundation & Grounding
This is the life foundation necessary to build all things upon. It keeps me spiritually grounded...centered...focused in the Now, not the past or future...this very living moment!

Know Thyself
Knowing God draws me nearer to Soul Centre. I am receptive and tuned in to my internal navigator for life (meditation/prayer play an important role here, to be discussed in my next post).

Gratitude, Acceptance & Relationships
It teaches me to appreciate. It instills gratitude, so I respect and treasure creation for the masterpiece it is! I accept that all is serving me in growth and love.

The relationship with your life partner should serve you in love and spiritual growth. I feel that God is vital for the union of the Divine Masculine and Sacred experience a more pure and deeply profound Love!

Unity, Connectedness & Service
Keeps me in harmony, connected with flow of life and creation. The greatest illusion is separation...we are One! Our purpose is to find our passion and use it to serve others.

Love, Happiness & Inner Peace
I learnt that Love, Happiness and Inner Peace is accessible... an endless reservoir bestowed within! In giving love...we allow ourselves to feel and experience it. It is not felt in receiving. We know this truth, since we have, at some point in our lives, rejected the love of someone for whom we felt indifferent.

Light & Sound
Importantly...knowing God gives me light. While we live in a world of duality and need to accept all aspects of ourselves - both light and dark, it is important for us to increase our light. We are designed with sound and light, everyone has a unique sound, and everything in creation a unique vibration.

More on Light & Spirituality
I believe that some people come into the world with more light than others. And I don't believe that it makes them better than others...but it serves a good purpose and reason. For seems more smooth, blessed; their journey a beautiful song! Others come in with less light...I guess I am one of those! My journey has been somewhat painful and unbearable at times...but increasing my light, and learning to respect my body, Soul and mind, through better lifestyle, has rewarded me immensely!

Why do others come into the world with more light??? I pondered this last night. I believe that we are brought into a world of duality to learn. We cannot know the light without the dark. Pain is necessary for growth. I think those with more light are meant to be an example...a help us find aspire to be better!

...How Do You Increase Your Light?

There is hope...because we are able to increase our light! Yes! We do so as we learn to know Source/God...better and better! As we grow in God and improve our being...our deeds and actions improve...and so we increase our light! Isn't this encouraging?

Increase Your Light For Wellness
Increasing your light can heal you on all levels...body, Soul and mind...from the top of your head to the tips of your toes!

My Epiphany on Increasing Light
Increasing our light will bring us into flow with all of existence. It's a Divine Union bringing all in Light and Sound into Harmony...One Sacred Symphony! And your life then becomes a beautiful song...uplifting others around you!

Increase your heal and rejuvenate your body, Soul and mind!

Love & Light

Eleven Doctors of Health to Awaken Bliss & Vitality

Through the practice of meditation, clean eating and wonderful healing movements like yoga and Callanetics etc, I have experienced tremendous bliss and wellness, vitality and energy in recent years!

I know deep down in my heart....and I know that you know too....that we have the potential to experience true health and wellness body, Soul and mind! We have infinite potential...designed by a power so great...we are meant to thrive and shine....illuminate like a million stars...yes we do!

Our DNA is so could reach the sun and back! Isn't that astounding! We have yet to learn how to unlock all this potential! But do you access this infinite reservoir of pure potentiality?

Well, what we need to understand, is that the answer to everything you seek...your joy, bliss and potential, is right inside that beautiful body of yours! It is locked up...deep down...and only you can access it...or awaken it! This modern life has surely numbed us...dumbed us down...and disillusioned us...that we have forgotten just how great we really are! It's time to Awaken and reclaim our power!

I am very passionate about this you can see. I have had some out of this world experiences and magical moments on my path to health and wellness.

I have to say...that I am currently going through a small set back after being exposed to a nasty health hazard that is becoming a concern for all. That is...excess emf exposure! I am taking steps to heal and alchemize this.

You deserve to feel the vitality and bliss that you were designed to feel! Every bit of it!

How do we do this? I have learnt through my experience...that it is all about returning to ourselves...returning to nature...reconnecting with well as reconnecting Within Ourselves!

So...let's start with the basics....

I learnt that the 'Seven Doctors of Health' are - sunshine, air, water, diet, exercise, rest and laughter. I have decided to extend this list to eleven, because there are some very important ones missing here.  And....I call it....

Eleven Doctors of Health to Awaken Bliss & Vitality!

  1. Source/Love/Light
  2. Meditation & Prayer
  3. Nature
  4. Earth Grounding
  5. Sunshine
  6. Air
  7. Water
  8. Nourishment
  9. Movement
  10. Rest
  11. Laughter

I am going to blog on each of the above and explain where we are going wrong, and what we can do, to harness the best of each element or practice.

While I do believe that I have come a long way...I have yet still much to learn. This is a lifelong journey...which makes it fun and we seek...explore...and uncover...the secrets to our pure potentiality! I will share what has worked for me. We are all unique and have our own paths to experience.  As you learn to connect with your own internal navigator, you will find what works best for you on your Soul Journey.

I believe that following the Eleven Doctors of Health will help you to awaken your inner potential and bliss...and help you to thrive in life!

Awaken Your Innate Healing Potential!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Are You Consciously Connecting With Your Partner?

We are becoming so distracted with activities that we are losing touch with each other more and more.  Life often gets in the way of those aspects that we value highly, such as Consciously Connecting with our partner.  We get caught up with work and chores and forget to make space for each other.  We may not choose to deliberately ignore our partner, but the concern is that it can easily become a habit if we go about our days unconsciously. 

As with all precious things in life, we need to make the time and effort to preserve those things that matter most to us….like Consciously Connecting with our partner!  Connecting with your loved one improves intimacy and bonding.  We need to become more mindful in our day and work at maintaining a connection.  

In John and Julie Gottman’s “Magic five hour week”, they talk about the importance of regular connection with your partner and recommend connecting for:

•    Two minutes every weekday morning to share your plan for the day,
•    Twenty minutes each day when you arrive home,
•    Five minutes throughout the day to express gratitude for one another
•    (At least) five minutes of daily physical affection,
•    And two hours a week to get to know each other better

Here are some simple ways to maintain your connection during busy times:

Make time to connect
Look at each other in the morning, hold each other, greet.  Make eye contact when kissing goodbye.

When we get busy we sometimes feel like it is impossible to make time for our partner, yet the reality is that we make time for other things like social media.  Although some of these things may feel relaxing, they are just a way to feel connected without the effort.  Just taking five minutes to catch up with your partner can help to maintain connection.

My partner and I make time each morning and evening to meditate together, this helps us to connect and feel grounded.

I particularly like to spend a few minutes with my partner before sleeping when it is time to go to bed.  Because I have not seen him all day, I like to make eye contact, I love to give him my full attention in this moment, for just five minutes, and be affectionate.  I feel that it is the best moment to connect as you are done for the day, technology is off, and you are ready to rest and relax with each other.

Send a text message
When you are going about your day and you think of your beloved, send a quick message to let them know that you love them.

My partner and I like to do this.  Messages of love are a great way to consciously connect when you are apart.

Send loving energy
Sometimes send out loving vibes to your partner. Taking a moment to feel present to the love and affection that you feel for your partner will make you feel good, and it will help to increase the connection by enhancing your feelings when you see them, allowing you to be more affectionate towards each other.

I like to practice sending loving vibes to my beloved, it is uplifting and releases happy hormones making me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Do something tangible
If you feel like you are missing each other due to busy schedules do something that lets them know that you are thinking of them. Leave a little love note, it will make your partner feel loved and special.

My partner and I like to write each other surprise notes on the fridge notepad!  When my partner has had a busy day and is very tired, and I feel like I really need affection, I like to massage his body or feet when he goes to sleep, the physical connection helps me to feel closer to him even though he may not be present at that moment.

Give praises
Getting in touch with the gratitude and respect for your partner will increase feelings of tenderness when you are together. Tell your partner that you admire them or share with others what you love most about your partner. These energetic interactions help to infuse your togetherness with feelings of love and will make a big difference to your relationship.

This is something that I love to do. I love reminding my partner what I love about him, and show appreciation.

Making eye contact is so important, and I want to chat further about this in another blog.  At least five minutes of affection a day is important too, forgetting to touch or give your partner a hug each day is just sad, and this happens a lot!  Touch is so healing!

Letting your partner know that you think of them and appreciate them will deepen your connection with each other.  It helps to remind them that even though there may not be enough time, they are precious and mean the world to you!

Consciously connect today!


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

I met A Knight...and New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while!  Today I am contemplating 'impermanence'....

All things in this world have a beginning and an end.  It is important for us to think on this sometimes, and it will help to free us of our attachment to people and things.  I am contemplating impermanence because I am looking to end something and begin something new.

I have gone through some very big changes in my life in the last six months. It has really been wonderful!  Through this time....I have been thinking a lot about my health blog and my studies in natural health, and so I want to make changes for 2017.  I did take a year out from studies and I am looking to start up again in 2017.  The college that I was studying with is no longer lecturing in S.A., however, their courses in natural health are available online via correspondence through CNM Ireland.

In May I connected with an amazing man, a very strong and passionate being.  He is also passionate about living a lifestyle following natural health and wellness principles.  This has definitely made me a lot more creative in the kitchen....I just love making healthy delicious meals...and desserts...yum!

I really feel very fortunate to now be in a relationship with someone who holds values that are so important to me, it feels like I have been gifted with all the things that I wished for most in a relationship!  So....I have taken a lot of time out from my blog to enjoy and absorb it all!   I feel that this relationship is going to bring me immense growth and will help me further on my path and passion in natural health.  A good relationship is meant to serve you in Growth and Love.

My new relationship is the reason that I am looking to make changes to my blog.  I am feeling the need for something new and want to start all over again.  I am busy trying to work it all out in my head right hasn't all come together just yet...but it will in good time!  I feel excited about starting afresh!

And by the way...I am feeling really a Princess!  Why?  Because his name is Lancelot.....Yes!  So I call him Sir Lancelot....My Knight!  Ha ha....!  I am sure that this name has brought him much pressure and high expectations in his life....but I think that it suits him perfectly well....because I feel that he has a great masculine energy and the strength to match it!  I am having a good laugh now...because I know that he will be reading this shortly!  He he....

He really is an amazing man!  I love his drive and passion to learn more and grow!  He is studying an MBA right now, which is very demanding, he has one more year to complete it!  He works so hard....I am very proud of him!

He is so much fun!  I love how he is so free in expressing himself.   I love it when he sings to me...and dances with me in the kitchen!  There is so much to love about this man!  He has such a beautiful energy about him!  I really feel that all I had been through previously was setting me up for this relationship to come.  I love how connected we feel with each other on a very deep level!

Sir Lancelot is so very kind....and good to me....he is just soooo yummy....I love him madly!!!  He is absolutely beautiful body, Soul and mind!

Some hours after publishing this post I realized that I had left out the very best part....and I know that you are going to love it!  So....I had to come back and edit and add the following:

Do you know that Sir Lancelot was King Arthur's best Knight?  Yes...indeed he was!  And this is how I know that this is a match made in Heaven! may ask? father's name happens to be Arthur (although he does prefer going by his second name, John)!  Can you believe it?  Ha ha!  I just love it!  Now do you see why I am feeling like a Royal Princess these days? Interesting how history can repeat itself...hey?  Because it seems that Sir Lancelot has found his way back to King Arthur.  I guess they have some unfinished business to do! 

I also did some further research on the Knight, Sir Lancelot, and found that there was actually a Jessica in the story too, whom he used to visit on occasion to chat to and share his frustrations with; and he always complained of how hungry he was, and she would be a good ear and feed him.  Well....Lancelot has found his way back to me and I am feeding him really well...again!  He actually comes home from work and digs into all the jars of almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, etc. and my most important health foods (which are so darn expensive!), munching them at an alarming rate, saying: "I am hungry, I am hungry".  And I say: "Lance please, I am about to dish up supper, can you slow down on the nuts please?" He calls me a 'Domestic Goddess' because he has never been so well looked after, and he says that I am the best cook that he has ever had!  This is really an extraordinary thing!  Don't you think?  I think it is amazing!

My website,, will not be accessible.  However, this blog will still be open, and I will be blogging until I decide what new changes I would like to make.  Be sure to follow me on Google+ or Facebook to keep track of my progress, the links are on the right side of this blog page.

I am looking forward to new beginnings and sharing new things with you.  I would love for you to engage and share more with me too, there is always so much to learn from each other!

Wishing you Vitality and Bliss Always!


Monday, 25 April 2016

Electro Magnetic Fields And Your Immunity

I decided to visit the Moses Mabhida Stadium, yesterday. I went for a walk to soak up some sun.

Being Conscious of wellness and lifestyle I found myself watching children on their bicycles and roller blades and thinking "what a good workout they are getting while absorbing vitamin D from the sun...and having fun!"

Then...I saw a few people on segways, those two wheeled self-balancing battery powered electric machines.  And I couldn't help but think "these children have got it right, while those just float around getting absolutely no benefits!"  I began to think of the risks of not getting enough movement:

  • Circulatory:   exercise aids lymph and blood circulation to remove toxins
  • Osteoporosis:  bones lose density and become porous and weak.
  • Obesity:  movement is essential to weight management
  • Heart Disease.....
  • Laziness....and more!

Hospitals have reported a high number of injuries on segways, as not all wear helmets.  Common injuries are facial and head trauma. The risk is higher when driven across uneven terrain.  One needs to be very aware of inanimate objects on the ground, as most injuries occur when driving over objects. 

Coincidentally, the creator of the segway, Jimi Heselden died when he had a freak accident on the two wheeled machine and drove off the edge of a cliff into a river near his home in 2010!

I tried not to be too biased and considered the pros and cons of this machine.  The only positive I could think of may be the benefits to those with disability.  But then again, the risk of more injury while trying to balance on it is really high. One would be better off using the mobile powered wheelchairs.  And...if one used it to travel a short distance around the neighborhood, as opposed to using their car, this could be more earth-friendly.  But still, if the distance is short one should rather enjoy the benefits of walking.  I felt that the risks far outweighed the benefits.

And as I thought of the various modes of transport, I was reminded of the EMF dangers of modern living. A car is definitely useful for travelling long distances.  I know that I enjoy doing a country trip into the Midlands from time to time.  But these things come at a cost if not managed well.  

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) radiation is of great concern these days. It is harmful to the brain and pineal gland among other things. Electronics, especially being seated on the chair of an electric car is known to have a number of negative impacts on the body. When you sit in any vehicle (whether petrol/diesel/hybrid/ev) you are subjected to it.

Our bodies are bombarded daily by a multitude of EMF sources - computers, cell phones, WiFi, power lines, fluorescent lights, home wiring, airport and military radar, substations, transformers and appliance; it leads to pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, increased risk of cancer and much more. Some things we have little control over, although we can distance ourselves from the harsh effects that happen in close range with the sources of some eg. WiFi and smart meters. We can manage the use of cellphones and computers more wisely. 

The most important thing that we should focus on is minimizing exposure, building our immune system by eating good clean food, mostly raw living foods from the earth.  The healthier we are, the better we can cope with the various forms of pollution around us.  Go barefoot and ground yourself daily, for at least 20 minutes or more to release EMF build up in the body too.  Eating ferments, superfoods, and as much organic raw foods can be truly beneficial in protecting you.  Wheatgrass (chlorophyll) and Spirulina (blue-green algae) are excellent to protect against radiation, be sure to buy an organic product and buy the powder form, not tablets. Apparently onion and garlic is also good.

A very good friend and Natural Doctor shared a very useful website with me recently, to help and enlighten others on the dangers of EMF.  The website is designed by Jeromy Johnson, a safe technology advocate. The purpose of his website is to help you reduce the EMF pollution in your life and to help people who have already had their health negatively affected by electromagnetic fields (EMF). Jeromy learnt this the hard way himself and he hopes that others will learn from his experience.

Do you know that there are actually EMF Refugees?  You will find them on Jeromy's website. Yes, these are people who have experienced such severe health issues that they have had to move out of the city to EMF free zones.

Jeromy Johnson says: "I have a master’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering and I have worked at a large Silicon Valley firm for 15 years. One of the focuses of my studies was air pollution. Little did I know that I would be revisiting this topic later in life. Even though it is invisible to the naked eye, man-made pulsed digital microwave radiation is one of the most potent and fastest growing sources of air pollution in our world. It may seem invisible to you now, but perceptions shift as humanity evolves. Within our lifetimes, the truth about this toxin will become evident." 

Nourish your body better to build stronger immunity, it is vital! Also...visit Jeromy's site for guidance and solutions on EMF at 

So...what do you think of these two wheeled self-balancing machines?

Be Well!