Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Eleven Doctors of Health: Step 2 - Meditation & Prayer - Personal and Relationships

In my last blog I wrote about the importance of connecting with Source/God.

Today I want to talk about Prayer and Meditation. How you start your day...and end your very important.

Personal Benefits of Meditation and Prayer

Make time, in the morning before you start your day, and in the evening before bed, to connect with God. Prayer and meditation will keep you grounded, centered, so that you don't feel overwhelmed by life's challenges.

Sometimes simply meditate...practice stillness...connect with your body. In meditation, you are not doing...but are allowing yourself time to sit in silence. Daily silence brings inward focus, to connect with your inner voice, your internal navigator.

This inner voice guides you to find your personal power, to better direct your life path. When you are disconnected, you rely on the opinions of others to make choices for you, and so you give away your personal power! It is important that we consciously direct our lives through our own choices. The more we do this, the more in tune we become with our internal navigator, and we are better able to connect with God's guidance.

Practicing meditation and prayer will bring peace and tranquility to your day...and to your life! You will cope better with life's daily challenges. You will become the observer, and not get attached and caught up in situations. You will respond consciously and positively...not react sub-consciously. You will also sleep better.

I find that I am very unbalanced and lack focus when I don't keep up with my daily meditation.

Importance of Meditation and Prayer to Grow and Nurture Relationships

I believe that relationships are suffering because couples don't seek to connect spiritually...between themselves...and with God!

Early in the relationship everything is all roses, and then (if you're not living consciously) things tend to stagnate...and sometimes go downhill!

A relationship should serve you in love and spiritual growth. Taking the time to evolve spiritually on a personal level is important...and it is just as important to grow spiritually with your partner...if you truly desire a meaningful relationship.

Couples who meditate and pray together live more consciously and connect more deeply with their partner as time goes by. They don't forget the simple pleasures and treasures in life, such as 'the way your eyes light up when you smile' or 'the dimples on your cheeks when you smile'. You see...these are the little things that they noticed and loved about you in the beginning, because in the early days...when you are love and Soul tend to gaze more at your partner. Couples living unconsciously barely look at each other when they talk, they may be preoccupied with something and not even paying attention. This is sad!

When you start and end your day in prayer or meditation with your partner, you will find in the moment after, that you become very present...because you are in Soul centre from connecting with the Divine! will look at your partner completely...from the heart...and gaze at them attentively with love! From this spiritual practice and will never stop noticing the beautiful little things about your partner. It will generate a stronger feeling of love and oneness between you...and you will be more joyful, have less arguments and handle misunderstandings in a gentle, loving way.

When you bond spiritually with your build a stronger emotional connection...and grow in love! When you don't bond spiritually with your grow apart.

A man should in fact lead the relationship in growth...and a woman should nurture the relationship in love, and stand by him as he leads the way.

Prayer and meditation makes us more conscious...of our thoughts and actions...and as we improve our being through this, we increase our inner peace, happiness and our light!

Nurture and Grow Your Relationship

The union of the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine is the most beautiful gift to experience! Once we have evolved personally...through our personal relationship with God...and living in harmony with creation and accepting and loving all beings...the final step is the Divine Union of Man and Woman. Not many are fortunate to experience this. It can be hard if one is evolving spiritually and independently of their partner.

I would like to recommend a beautiful book - The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida, the Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work and Sexual Desire. It teaches men to reconnect and reclaim their masculine energy and to use it in career growth...and to lead and direct the relationship. This book is not trying to make you become something other than you...something that you are merely shows how man has given his masculine power and energy away in these modern times. There is direction for women to reconnect with the feminine too. It highlights the importance of spiritual union...and the need for a strong feminine and masculine energy for a deeper, more profound, and passionate relationship.

I hope this post has been helpful to you...and I wish you love and endless spiritual growth in your relationship! You are beautiful...and deserving of love and pleasure...and I believe that God wishes for you to experience the pure ecstasy of the Divine in your relationship.

Connect with the Divine for true love and bliss!

Practice Stillness Today

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