Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Eleven Doctors of Health: Step 1 - Connect with Source

In my last post I mentioned the Eleven Doctors of Health - Source, Meditation & Prayer, Nature, Earth Grounding, Sunshine, Air, Water, Nourishment, Movement, Rest, Laughter.

Today I am going to elaborate on the first - Source!

What is Source?

It is to connect with the Higher Power of Creation...God...Life Force...the Universe.

Whatever Source means to you...we have to agree that this human life and all creation is phenomenal...a miracle! There has to be a Divine power animating existence.

Why is Source, or God, important my well-being? For these reasons...

Foundation & Grounding
This is the life foundation necessary to build all things upon. It keeps me spiritually grounded...centered...focused in the Now, not the past or future...this very living moment!

Know Thyself
Knowing God draws me nearer to Soul Centre. I am receptive and tuned in to my internal navigator for life (meditation/prayer play an important role here, to be discussed in my next post).

Gratitude, Acceptance & Relationships
It teaches me to appreciate. It instills gratitude, so I respect and treasure creation for the masterpiece it is! I accept that all is serving me in growth and love.

The relationship with your life partner should serve you in love and spiritual growth. I feel that God is vital for the union of the Divine Masculine and Sacred experience a more pure and deeply profound Love!

Unity, Connectedness & Service
Keeps me in harmony, connected with flow of life and creation. The greatest illusion is separation...we are One! Our purpose is to find our passion and use it to serve others.

Love, Happiness & Inner Peace
I learnt that Love, Happiness and Inner Peace is accessible... an endless reservoir bestowed within! In giving love...we allow ourselves to feel and experience it. It is not felt in receiving. We know this truth, since we have, at some point in our lives, rejected the love of someone for whom we felt indifferent.

Light & Sound
Importantly...knowing God gives me light. While we live in a world of duality and need to accept all aspects of ourselves - both light and dark, it is important for us to increase our light. We are designed with sound and light, everyone has a unique sound, and everything in creation a unique vibration.

More on Light & Spirituality
I believe that some people come into the world with more light than others. And I don't believe that it makes them better than others...but it serves a good purpose and reason. For seems more smooth, blessed; their journey a beautiful song! Others come in with less light...I guess I am one of those! My journey has been somewhat painful and unbearable at times...but increasing my light, and learning to respect my body, Soul and mind, through better lifestyle, has rewarded me immensely!

Why do others come into the world with more light??? I pondered this last night. I believe that we are brought into a world of duality to learn. We cannot know the light without the dark. Pain is necessary for growth. I think those with more light are meant to be an example...a help us find aspire to be better!

...How Do You Increase Your Light?

There is hope...because we are able to increase our light! Yes! We do so as we learn to know Source/God...better and better! As we grow in God and improve our being...our deeds and actions improve...and so we increase our light! Isn't this encouraging?

Increase Your Light For Wellness
Increasing your light can heal you on all levels...body, Soul and mind...from the top of your head to the tips of your toes!

My Epiphany on Increasing Light
Increasing our light will bring us into flow with all of existence. It's a Divine Union bringing all in Light and Sound into Harmony...One Sacred Symphony! And your life then becomes a beautiful song...uplifting others around you!

Increase your heal and rejuvenate your body, Soul and mind!

Love & Light

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