Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Eleven Doctors of Health to Awaken Bliss & Vitality

Through the practice of meditation, clean eating and wonderful healing movements like yoga and Callanetics etc, I have experienced tremendous bliss and wellness, vitality and energy in recent years!

I know deep down in my heart....and I know that you know too....that we have the potential to experience true health and wellness body, Soul and mind! We have infinite potential...designed by a power so great...we are meant to thrive and shine....illuminate like a million stars...yes we do!

Our DNA is so could reach the sun and back! Isn't that astounding! We have yet to learn how to unlock all this potential! But do you access this infinite reservoir of pure potentiality?

Well, what we need to understand, is that the answer to everything you seek...your joy, bliss and potential, is right inside that beautiful body of yours! It is locked up...deep down...and only you can access it...or awaken it! This modern life has surely numbed us...dumbed us down...and disillusioned us...that we have forgotten just how great we really are! It's time to Awaken and reclaim our power!

I am very passionate about this you can see. I have had some out of this world experiences and magical moments on my path to health and wellness.

I have to say...that I am currently going through a small set back after being exposed to a nasty health hazard that is becoming a concern for all. That is...excess emf exposure! I am taking steps to heal and alchemize this.

You deserve to feel the vitality and bliss that you were designed to feel! Every bit of it!

How do we do this? I have learnt through my experience...that it is all about returning to ourselves...returning to nature...reconnecting with well as reconnecting Within Ourselves!

So...let's start with the basics....

I learnt that the 'Seven Doctors of Health' are - sunshine, air, water, diet, exercise, rest and laughter. I have decided to extend this list to eleven, because there are some very important ones missing here.  And....I call it....

Eleven Doctors of Health to Awaken Bliss & Vitality!

  1. Source/Love/Light
  2. Meditation & Prayer
  3. Nature
  4. Earth Grounding
  5. Sunshine
  6. Air
  7. Water
  8. Nourishment
  9. Movement
  10. Rest
  11. Laughter

I am going to blog on each of the above and explain where we are going wrong, and what we can do, to harness the best of each element or practice.

While I do believe that I have come a long way...I have yet still much to learn. This is a lifelong journey...which makes it fun and we seek...explore...and uncover...the secrets to our pure potentiality! I will share what has worked for me. We are all unique and have our own paths to experience.  As you learn to connect with your own internal navigator, you will find what works best for you on your Soul Journey.

I believe that following the Eleven Doctors of Health will help you to awaken your inner potential and bliss...and help you to thrive in life!

Awaken Your Innate Healing Potential!

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