Tuesday, 1 November 2016

I met A Knight...and New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while!  Today I am contemplating 'impermanence'....

All things in this world have a beginning and an end.  It is important for us to think on this sometimes, and it will help to free us of our attachment to people and things.  I am contemplating impermanence because I am looking to end something and begin something new.

I have gone through some very big changes in my life in the last six months. It has really been wonderful!  Through this time....I have been thinking a lot about my health blog and my studies in natural health, and so I want to make changes for 2017.  I did take a year out from studies and I am looking to start up again in 2017.  The college that I was studying with is no longer lecturing in S.A., however, their courses in natural health are available online via correspondence through CNM Ireland.

In May I connected with an amazing man, a very strong and passionate being.  He is also passionate about living a lifestyle following natural health and wellness principles.  This has definitely made me a lot more creative in the kitchen....I just love making healthy delicious meals...and desserts...yum!

I really feel very fortunate to now be in a relationship with someone who holds values that are so important to me, it feels like I have been gifted with all the things that I wished for most in a relationship!  So....I have taken a lot of time out from my blog to enjoy and absorb it all!   I feel that this relationship is going to bring me immense growth and will help me further on my path and passion in natural health.  A good relationship is meant to serve you in Growth and Love.

My new relationship is the reason that I am looking to make changes to my blog.  I am feeling the need for something new and want to start all over again.  I am busy trying to work it all out in my head right now....it hasn't all come together just yet...but it will in good time!  I feel excited about starting afresh!

And by the way...I am feeling really spoilt...like a Princess!  Why?  Because his name is Lancelot.....Yes!  So I call him Sir Lancelot....My Knight!  Ha ha....!  I am sure that this name has brought him much pressure and high expectations in his life....but I think that it suits him perfectly well....because I feel that he has a great masculine energy and the strength to match it!  I am having a good laugh now...because I know that he will be reading this shortly!  He he....

He really is an amazing man!  I love his drive and passion to learn more and grow!  He is studying an MBA right now, which is very demanding, he has one more year to complete it!  He works so hard....I am very proud of him!

He is so much fun!  I love how he is so free in expressing himself.   I love it when he sings to me...and dances with me in the kitchen!  There is so much to love about this man!  He has such a beautiful energy about him!  I really feel that all I had been through previously was setting me up for this relationship to come.  I love how connected we feel with each other on a very deep level!

Sir Lancelot is so very kind....and good to me....he is just soooo yummy....I love him madly!!!  He is absolutely beautiful body, Soul and mind!

Some hours after publishing this post I realized that I had left out the very best part....and I know that you are going to love it!  So....I had to come back and edit and add the following:

Do you know that Sir Lancelot was King Arthur's best Knight?  Yes...indeed he was!  And this is how I know that this is a match made in Heaven!  Why....you may ask? Well....my father's name happens to be Arthur (although he does prefer going by his second name, John)!  Can you believe it?  Ha ha!  I just love it!  Now do you see why I am feeling like a Royal Princess these days? Interesting how history can repeat itself...hey?  Because it seems that Sir Lancelot has found his way back to King Arthur.  I guess they have some unfinished business to do! 

I also did some further research on the Knight, Sir Lancelot, and found that there was actually a Jessica in the story too, whom he used to visit on occasion to chat to and share his frustrations with; and he always complained of how hungry he was, and she would be a good ear and feed him.  Well....Lancelot has found his way back to me and I am feeding him really well...again!  He actually comes home from work and digs into all the jars of almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, etc. and my most important health foods (which are so darn expensive!), munching them at an alarming rate, saying: "I am hungry, I am hungry".  And I say: "Lance please, I am about to dish up supper, can you slow down on the nuts please?" He calls me a 'Domestic Goddess' because he has never been so well looked after, and he says that I am the best cook that he has ever had!  This is really an extraordinary thing!  Don't you think?  I think it is amazing!

My website, www.bodhichi.co.za, will not be accessible.  However, this blog will still be open, and I will be blogging until I decide what new changes I would like to make.  Be sure to follow me on Google+ or Facebook to keep track of my progress, the links are on the right side of this blog page.

I am looking forward to new beginnings and sharing new things with you.  I would love for you to engage and share more with me too, there is always so much to learn from each other!

Wishing you Vitality and Bliss Always!


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