Monday, 11 September 2017


What does this word mean for you? What are your commitments? 

We all have commitments.  Each day, we wake up and commit to showing up for our job, and performing, as per our agreement with the company.  Our employer has a commitment to pay us. 

We also have a commitment to paying our bills.  When someone provides us a service we need to commit to paying that service. We have the commitment of paying our rent, so that we have a roof over our heads and somewhere to sleep.

We may also have the commitment of caring for children, nourishing them, nurturing them and paying for their education. 

What about commitment to Self? What about commitment in our intimate relationship? 

Do we notice that we are dedicating and committing ourselves more fully to certain causes, because of the fear of loss?  We may be committed to our job in fear of losing it. We may be committed to academic studies in fear of failing.  

While people are so committed to these duties,  they are not so committed in how they nurture and nourish their body, Soul, and mind! They don't fear the loss of health - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing...not until they have lost it...and come to the realization that their health is their wealth.  How can we complete any task successfully, or work to our full potential daily, if we are not caring for this body...this temple that houses our Soul? Do we make the effort to commit to inner growth and development of our being?

Do we fully commit to our relationships...really?  Or do we take them for granted? Do we abandon our commitment to our partners more easily, then we do to these other duties, because we don't fear losing them as much as we fear losing our job?  

We may need to dedicate ourself to certain duties daily because this is the system we live in, and it is understandable. But we have come to a human beings...where we have lost compassion, passion and consideration for our own wellbeing and for our loved ones! 

We live in a world of duality where we need to balance and embrace both sides of the coin, the light and the dark, the good and the bad.  

There are two types of commitment:

In our health and intimate relationships commitment means - 'the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, or person'.  And...the synonyms to this are - dedicationdevotionallegianceloyaltyfaithfulnessfidelitybondadherenceattentiveness

In our labour and duties commitment means - an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.  And...the synonyms are - responsibilityobligationdutytiechargeliabilityburdenpressure! 

Are we balancing both sides of the coin? Are you fully committed in Life and Love? Or...are you fully committed to labour and slavery?   

We need to get our priorities straight in life!  When we are taking our last breath...the material things that we acquired will be meaningless!  We will think only of our suffering and state of health when our body is decaying....we will also think of our loved ones and wished that we committed. 

Today....consider to....

  • Commit to nourishing your body with nature's nutrients to enjoy the vitality and bliss that you were designed to feel
  • Commit to prayer and meditation to build a strong foundation to carry you through life
  • Commit to spiritual growth and development
  • Commit to nurturing your intimate relationship in love and spiritual growth
  • Commit to living a Conscious life on all levels...body, Soul, and mind
  • Commit to loving your partner, respecting them and considering their feelings
  • Commit to fill the day with love and light to uplift others
  • Commit to making someone smile today

Remember....that Love can lift you up...and carry you through any struggle!  Don't forget your loved ones who have committed to you!

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