Monday, 15 February 2016

What Is Love?

How do you define Love?  Can you define Love?  What is true Love?

There are two types of Love

There is Human Love and Spiritual Love.  What is the difference?

Human Love

Human Love has expectations and disappointments. People hold different views and opinions on what Love is, and define it by their own personal needs and selfish desires. For example:  I will Love you if you do.........for me, and if you look......a certain way, and maybe even dress a certain way!  Some believe that they can only feel love if these needs are met.  Human Love can be demanding.  It comes with rules and conditions. We want others to Love us as we are, yet we place so many boundaries on them. Love cannot exist with parameters, and so it never lasts and is ever fleeting!

Do you feel that you have to be in a relationship in order to experience Love?  Do you believe that Love is outside of yourself?  Human Love is a Love that seeks outside recognition and acknowledgement, often through another being.

What rules have you created around Love?  Does it restrict your capacity to give Love?  Ask yourself honestly. What are your conditions? What limitations are you setting for yourself?  Do you want a Love that is bound with conditions, or do you want to experience a deep and profound Love?  Do you want a Divine Love? What is Divine Love?

Divine Love

Divine Love is an inward out experience, not an outward in experience.  Divine Love is your inner Source of being and true Essence.  It can be found at the very center of your Soul...of your Self.  It is something that you experience on a very deep level within and it can be poured out to the world abundantly...and felt abundantly...when accessed!  The love within you is limitless!  It has no conditions and expectations, it is all inclusive and brings joy in giving.

You can experience your Essence and Divine Love by learning to be present and capturing the feeling of simply being your Self.  Look at life and at people with fresh new eyes....with the curiosity of a child...and this will reveal the love that was there always, just waiting to be found.

The fulfillment that you will experience from seeing the true source of Love in its Purest form....the Desire to give Love without conditions, not the Human Desire that is needy.

Why Do We Seek Love?

We only tend to seek Love when we feel that something is missing...when we feel unfulfilled.  This is a result of living a life that we are not connected to.  What are you seeking really?  If you look honestly....your seeking may in fact be looking for something other than Love...perhaps security....acceptance....freedom? Becoming fully connected within, and living with passion, will bring a life of joy.

When you are seeking Love...what you don't realize is that what you are truly seeking is the Self.  What you truly desire is to experience the reality of this want to experience the vibrancy of being Alive!

Stop looking for Love and learn to access Love where you are.  You do not realize that your desire to seek Love is actually your desire to find your Nature.  You want to experience the Essence of Love...deep down you know that this is your True Nature. We must understand that our relationships are just spiritual teachers and not true sources of Love.

On Union

I am not saying that we must depend only on Divine Love.  We are humans and need to experience union with another. We are social beings and this connection is important....but....we must seek to bring Divine Love into our human relationships more to experience fulfillment and happiness.

It is important to remember that we need to show actions of Love, and behave in ways that are kind and loving, to one another.  If you find yourself in a relationship that does not reciprocate, this is not healthy, and can sap you.  There needs to be a mutual sharing and desire and commitment to loving and supporting each other, in a way that will bring out the best in each another.

Access your inner source and wealth of is there always...just waiting for you!

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