Thursday, 14 January 2016

Fat Burning Mango Smoothie

Here is a dessert smoothie that is really delicious and comes with great benefits!  The best ingredient in here is mango!  I think it is sad that fruit is often given a bad rap by some as they feel there is too much sugar in it, not so true when you compare it to other things.  Fruit is so vital for vitamin and mineral intake, and it contains phytonutrients which work with other essential nutrients to promote good health.  I want to share something really interesting about the mango fruit today......

Mango Burns Fat!

Yes, you heard me right!  Mango can help you to shed unwanted pounds.  How?  Mango increases the production of adiponectin. Adiponectin is a protein hormone produced and secreted by your fat cells (adipocytes).  It is involved in regulating the metabolism of fats and glucose.  It helps you lose weight by perfecting how your body processes insulin and glucose from the foods you eat!  Adiponectin increases glucose uptake into the muscle so that it can be used to burn off as energy.  Glucose is stored in the muscle in a form called glycogen. Adequate adiponectin levels means that you will not have excess glucose in the blood stream that would normally result in excess fat if not used up.  So, it would definitely be a great idea to eat some mango about one hour before your work out to ensure that you can burn up and utilize excess glucose.

I decided to make a smoothie with mango, and I thought I would take this to another level by adding cayenne pepper, as this would increase your metabolism further!  Mangoes do taste great when they are eaten with hot spices.  I remember when I was a teenager, my friend, Tracey, and I would hunt for mango trees; we would sprinkle curry powder on mango and eat it...we loved it! is so wonderful to know that cayenne can boost the fat burning ability of this fruit further!

If you are drinking this before a workout, add banana.  Banana contains potassium and is great for muscle recovery and preventing cramps. If not...then leave out the banana and use one whole mango.  This is a new smoothie that I created with mango this week:


1 banana (or use one whole mango only)
1/2 a piece of mango (depending on size, if big, you may only need a quarter)
350 ml of ice cold water
1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
*Try source organic

Instructions:  chop up the banana and mango, add it to the water with cayenne and blend.  Get to enjoy the natural flavours and sweetness of your fruits in your smoothies, and try not to add sweeteners.

Here are some more wonderful benefits of mango:

Enjoy The Benefits Of:

Mango:  Alkalizes the body and improves digestion.  Cleanses the blood and lowers cholesterol. High in copper. Improves vision.  Improves sex life.  Boosts immune system.  Heat stroke remedy. Boosts red blood cells. Reduces heart disease and maintains healthy nerve function.

I am going to be looking at introducing more fat burning smoothies.  I am going to experiment with some more ingredients and share them with you.  I just love experimenting with natures nutrients and creating wonderfully healthy and yummy things to eat and makes me feel like a mad Scientist sometimes....ha ha....I have great fun doing it! sure to buy some mango this week and enjoy it!  Keep those adiponectin levels up friends.  Make a smoothie.  Or...slice some a little everyday.....and don't forget to sprinkle cayenne pepper...yes...for extra fat burning power! motto for the day is:  "Drink....Shrink....and Enjoy!" 

Yours In Good Health

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