Sunday, 20 December 2015

Creamy Melon Summer Smoothie

The heat has been getting really crazy in Durban lately....and so....I have been making more and more smoothies!

I felt like something yummy....but real simple....yesterday.  And so....I created something new!  This is a very refreshing smoothie; it is naturally very sweet, be sure not to use any sweetener in it because you really do not need to.  Here goes:


1 cup of ice (or cold purified water)
2 cups of diced watermelon
6 tablespoons coconut milk
Fresh mint leaves to garnish (add some to the mix if you wish)

Instructions: Blend the ice, watermelon and coconut milk.   Pour into a glass and garnish with fresh mint leaves.  This is enough to serve two.  

This is the most simple smoothie I have created so far.  Watermelon is so refreshing on a hot day, and combined with coconut milk, it is very delicious and creamy!  If you haven't tried coconut milk don't know what you are missing! Coconut milk is great, it is actually quite thick and creamy, and has a lovely flavour!

Enjoy the Benefits of: 

Watermelon:  Antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. Rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and manganese. Free radical scavenger, anti-estrogenic effects, helps with hydration and blood pressure. Beneficial for pyorrhea. Aids digestion and helps constipation. A natural remedy for treating tapeworms. High silica content helps brittle nails. May relieve gout and arthritis pain. Beneficial for diabetes. Reduces cholesterol, helps with kidney stones and aids weight loss. Great source of vitamin B. Effective hangover cure!

Coconut Milk:  Reduces kidney stones, reduces food cravings, enzymes aid digestion, soothes urinary tract infections, kills intestinal worms. Rich in vitamins B1, B3, B5 and B6, C, E and minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous. Full of electrolytes. Boosts metabolism and aids weight loss.

I am busy exploring and creating many different smoothies this summer that I will be sharing with you. There are so many healthy delicious dessert treats, that you can make in a smoothie, that will keep you looking and feeling great; it is way better than reaching out for unhealthy options, and it will leave you feeling more satisfied and full of energy.

Try out this watermelon smoothie and let me know what you think?  I know that you will absolutely love it! 

Enjoy the holidays! 

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