Friday, 2 October 2015

The Importance of Having a Mentor

If you ask many successful people how they did it....many of them will probably tell you that there was a Mentor behind their success.

Having a Mentor in life, or maybe even a few, can help you to keep focused, especially when the going gets tough!  So much more can be achieved when people work together.  Choosing a Mentor will encourage you to have a lifelong vision and goal!  You will...more than likely...stick to the path much longer than you may have, should you have decided to take it alone!

I would say that I was, thankfully, always very confident and a go-getter in life.  I wasn't afraid of taking up a challenge or trying to achieve the impossible.  And...I would have to admit that it was in fact my mom that did condition me in this way from the start, she did empower me as a woman in a very positive way, and helped me to believe that nothing was impossible.  While, due to some challenges, I didn't exactly get to follow the career path that I wanted to at the time of completing high school, which would more than likely have been graphic design (since I was a very passionate artist), I did work hard at achieving many other goals along the way.

I would say that my confidence in walking my own path lasted from around 6 years old up until about 28...ha ha!  At this point in my life....I began to experience some real big challenges!  I had encountered some relationships that were very suppressing and dis-empowering...which eventually got the better of me...leading me to question my ability and self-worth.  This was quite a knock for me...especially coming from an empowering background...but it was a lesson that I needed to experience!  At this point...I began to lose my creative passion and stopped drawing and painting.

By the age of 32....I started to focus on working with this turmoil of my inner world - body, Soul and mind.  I was learning to understand that happiness was a choice, and my feelings were my responsibility, and no one could take my joy away without me handing it over to them on a silver platter!

It was at this moment that I decided to bring Mentors into my life. I wanted to connect with people who had walked the path and arrived at where I was hoping to head!  I knew that I wanted to help others and make a difference in this world.  I wanted to make this a lifelong goal...and I wanted to surround myself with the right support to help me see it through the storms.  From here on, my path began moving in the direction of Natural Health and Wellness - helping others body, Soul and mind. I am now 39.

A Mentor Will Help You Get Started

The hardest part to accomplishing anything is getting started!  A Mentor will help you to act on your dreams and goals and will kick start you into taking that first step.  A Mentor will provide that spark and guidance to get you going when you need it most!

A Mentor Will Be Dead Honesty

A friend will always tell you what you want to hear, but a Mentor will tell you the cold, hard, honest truth! Why? Because a Mentor's primary objective is to help you achieve success, and they would rather you have a day of tension than a life of regret.

A Mentor Will Eliminate Your Weaknesses

While your friends will simply put up with your weaknesses...a Mentor will help bring those weakness to the surface and help you to work with them and remove them entirely!  While their primary role is to be your Mentor...their secondary role is to be your Friend! can be sure that they will stretch you...and help to prune you of all those things that may be holding you back.

A Mentor Will Encourage You

When you experience uncertainty and self-doubt, a Mentor will be there to help lift your spirits.  A simple email or message, with a different perspective, will help you to see the light and encourage you to overcome that hurdle!  A good Mentor will help bring out the best in you, and see your potential when you don't.  A Mentor will reassure you...because they have walked the path...and have had to overcome many hurdles themselves before tasting success.

A Mentor Is A Resource For Life

Once you have built this relationship and will remain...for Life...whether you move up and on.  Reaching your goal...and success...does not mean that you have finally arrived and now know it all!  It is a lifelong journey of learning.  A Mentor will always be there, for you to check in with once in a while, to just simply share, get some perspective...or insight.

My Mentors

I have a number of Mentors - A Spiritual Mentor, A Health Mentor, and a number of Artist Mentors that are just popping up right now to help me to get these Artist hands back...and help spark my Creativity!

What is it that you want to achieve in life?  Do you have Mentors to help you stick it out?  Look to connect with people who have achieved the very same goals that you wish to.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Even if you don't know them...simply reach out and ask if they wouldn't mind being a Mentor and giving advice or opinion...from time to help you on your journey. You will be surprised at how forthcoming they will be! the way...I am writing this post today...because I have encountered a really awful challenge!  It was immobilizing me!  Just thinking of my greatest Mentor is helping me to keep moving.  I am slowly getting my Mojo back...ha ha!  

Do you need some encouragement today?  Get a Mentor and get going...

Wishing you all the best on your path of Passion and Success!


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