Friday, 30 October 2015

Facing Your Fears!

I grew up with a very big group of amazing friends and we spent most years of our lives at the beach or the local pool, almost daily!  I was really comfortable in my skin and lived life to the full.  That all changed when I moved into an overprotective environment in the last thirteen years, and so, the restrictions and limitations slowly but surely got a hold of me and I began to become a little conscious of myself and uncomfortable in my own skin!

Now that I have freed myself from that environment....I am working on freeing myself from all its disempowerments and baggage! So....I got brave and posted these fun, silly pics of me on the break the fear that I had developed of being photographed in a bikini. The more I look at them...I become a little more comfortable...and I realize that it is not all that bad and I am actually in great shape for someone about to hit 40 lol!  Well...some friends were encouraging too!

I have achieved many things in the last 15 years and have become quite strong, confident and resilient in the process.  However...after deep introspection...I became conscious that this small little discomfort along with a few other little fears was lurking beneath...and so I started to work on eliminating it.

Everyone is afraid of something.  The difference between you and someone who is successful is this....Successful people are willing to face their fears and work through them in order to progress and succeed.

Not allowing yourself to overcome your fears holds you back from achieving your dreams and success.  If you don't learn to face your fears it will take a hold of you body, Soul and mind!  Learn to work on your fears...slowly dissipating them until the feeling of threat lessens.

12 Steps To Give Those Fears The Boot!


1) Write Down Your Fears
Write down your fears, its possible origins and how it could be holding you back. Reflect on it and observe it without judgement. Becoming conscious of this and the sources of your fears will help lesson the hold over you. Writing it down helps you to release it.

2) Create a Ladder of Your Fears
List them on a scale of 1 to 10....10 being the worst, and start eliminating the easiest. It could be as simple as being too shy to start a conversation with a stranger. Ease yourself into it...start by simply smiling and greeting people you normally wouldn't each day.

3) Step Into Your Fears
Face the thing things that frighten you, one at a time, starting with the smaller ones.  Allow yourself to be exposed more and more to the situation till you feel a little more comfortable. Your world will expand as your courage expands.  Open up your world and be willing to move beyond your comfort zone!  This will build courage for achieving greater things.

4) Relax and Reassure Your Body
The body speaks the when you you are in fear and your mind jumps on that hamster wheel...anxiety hits!  The body then reacts in a negative way!  Speak to your body to encourage it, calm it, and relax it.  Say to yourself:  "This fear will pass". Breathe slowly and deeply....taking in more oxygen will relax you. Focus on relaxing and releasing the tension in your muscles and body from head to toe...relax that  tight jaw and release your clenched fists...and so on. Just let go!

5) Journal Past Accomplishments
Make a list of all your past successes from as early as you can remember.   It could even be from the time you learnt to ride a bike or swim. Reflect on your successes through each decade. It will motivate and inspire you to believe that you can achieve more!

6) Lose the Story
Fear is an Illusion.  Stop running the painful story and past dramas in your just feeds the fear. Create positive experiences in the in the moment!

7) Laugh at Your Fears
Look into your fears carefully and notice just how silly and disempowering they possibly may be.  How on earth could you let them steal your Personal Power like that?

8) Celebrate Life
Learn to think, live and speak with a more positive attitude. Avoid negative forms of media.  Do things that inspire and uplift you!

9) Live Boldy & Learn New Things
Bring back the Child within brave...and allow yourself to explore new things fearlessly!  Your life will never be boring again...I promise you!

10) Tell Your Fear to Get Lost!
Let go of feeling embarrassed, silly, stupid, rejected. Accept failures...learn from it...get over it...and move on!

11) Help Others Achieve
Support others in overcoming their challenges and fears. Team up with a one another in overcoming these obstacles and achieving these goals together!

12) View Life as an Adventure!
Allow life to simply flow through you without resistance...everything - beauty, challenges and tragedy.  Just breathe your way through it.  Allow yourself to feel and experience and be open to the lessons that they may bring. Be Grateful, live in the Moment, enjoy the Journey!  Just breathe...deep breathing is so calming and and healing....get in all that oxygen...and remember to ground yourself and stand barefoot on the earth often for good health!

F-E-A-R has two meanings:

1. Forget Everything And Run


2. Face Everything And Rise

The Choice Is Yours!

I also practice a therapy known as EFT...Emotional Freedom is very powerful in eliminating fears.  If you would like to experience it....give me a call.  If you would like to learn this technique to help yourself...let me know...and we can book a session.

Kick Fear In The Butt Now...What Are You Waiting For?

Big Hugs

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