Monday, 28 September 2015

Spring - A Time for Renewal

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my new and improved Blog!  It is September, the beginning of Spring (if you live in South Africa).  Spring is a time of renewal, and so I have done just that by revamping my Logo and Blog!

It is not finished just yet. I have simplified my logo and changed the colour of my Blog to green (I have been wanting to change the colour all year!), so finally that is done!

The site is still currently under construction, the navigation bar is going to look a little different, as I freshen things up.  I am also busy updating and changing content. sure to visit once a week to see the new changes as they happen.  Even better...please select to subscribe (in the right hand bar on the page) so that you can keep updated on my posts and events.

The changes that you can look forward to? 

I am looking to add more insight and direction:

  • Firstly... I have Personalized my Blog so that you can see more of me and get to know me a little.  I really want to connect more with the reader.
  • Secondly....I will be sharing insight on simple Steps to Spring Clean your Life - Home, Body, Soul and Mind; living simply and creating more harmony, balance, and space in your life.  This is going to make you feel great! 
  • Thirdly....I will be sharing awesome Resources for Body and Mind Awareness with you to give you great insight into health and wellness, provide inspiration, and open your mind a little to help expand your Being - movies, books etc.  You will understand yourself and maybe find your path and purpose in life begin to unfold...if you have not found it already!
  • will find some Affiliate Links promoting books, products and courses that I have found to be very valuable.  As an affiliate I do receive a small commission on these products; please note that there is no additional cost for you, the price remains the same.  I value your support as this will  help me to support my Blog and passion in Natural Health Studies!

The last one and a half years has been challenging for me in many ways, and I have not been blogging as often as I should. The bright side is that these tough experiences that I have had...have really just been stepping stone to prepare me for greater things in life, because it has allowed me time to I give thanks and gratitude for this.

I look forward to bringing more value to your life.  Most of all...I look forward to guiding you to Vitality...Bliss and Agelessness...because these are the treasures that natural living will bring to your life...and this is what you deserve!

Be Well and Be Blessed!

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