Saturday, 25 July 2015

Irresistible Hot Chocolate Treat!

Hello Friends,

I know you have all been waiting real long for my next blog post. it is!

I have been inactive since March 2015.  Many changes are happening in my life this year.  There are great new things to look forward to...but I will chat all about that in another post.

Right now...I really want to share with you a real good hot treat.  I have been enjoying this irresistible hot chocolate drink almost every night this month!

In winter we all like to indulge, but we know what that can lead to? Yes, we want to look good and stay in great shape! Well...this hot chocolate recipe has incredibly healthy ingredients that have wonderful beauty benefits and even increase your metabolism!  I love my spices and have included some very good ones along with the raw cacao, that together will enhance serotonin and melatonin, ensuring a happy mood and better sleep.  It really is a great comfort treat...and beats buying the chocolate drink products in store that are loaded with, preservatives, additives and toxins!

All of these ingredients will improve health, make you glow, keep you looking and feeling good!  I suggest that you indulge in this every evening....why not?  Let it be the last thing that you drink...wait about an hour after your dinner to make it.  Here goes:


1 tbsp raw cacao powder
Cinnamon powder
Nutmeg powder
1 tsp cold-pressed coconut oil
Hot water 
Raw organic milk (can substitute with almond or coconut milk/cream)
Raw honey

*Try use organic where you can*

Add your first three dry ingredients, then coconut oil, add hot water and stir it up to dissolve the spices well.  Then add your milk or vegan substitute as above, stir again.  If you want it extra creamy you can leave out the hot water and simply boil milk and use that.   Now...add your raw honey after the milk, so that the mixture is not too hot and doesn't scorch it, this helps better preserve the nutrients in the honey. Stir up and you are ready to go! 

You can choose to decorate it further if you want with a little blob of full cream or coconut cream, then maybe sprinkle a little more cinnamon over the top to make it look yummy!  


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