Friday, 21 November 2014

Would You Like To Learn To Meditate?


Would you like to learn to meditate?

There is so much more to meditation than most people think.  Meditation is not really about sitting in a corner with your eyes closed.  Meditation is about living your life in awareness and practising mindfulness in your daily activities.  It's about being fully present and immersed in everything you do.  When you live this way, life becomes meaningful, joyful and fulfilling!

Meditation should not be limited to a small space of time in the day.  You can learn to bring meditation into every moment of the day.

I provide classes for men and ladies of all ages.  Classes are suitable for beginners or experienced.

I can provide the following:

  • One on one meditation for those who would like some personal guidance.  
  • If you would like to arrange for a group of people (friends or work), I can assist.
  • Or you can choose to attend one of my group classes

Meditation is a wonderful tool to de-stress and encourage relaxation.  Stress releases excess cortisol which can be harmful to the body, this shuts down immune support and slows healing.  High levels of cortisol is known to affect ones efforts in weight loss too, it slows down the metabolism, slowing down your ability to lose weight.  Meditation can drastically reduce cortisol levels assisting in weightloss and healing, and can help you to live a stress free life.

Let's explore our inner restore health and wellbeing...empower ourselves...and bring balance to body, soul & mind.

See the list of great benefits experienced by meditation practice.

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Be Well!

Love and Light

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