Friday, 13 June 2014

GLUTEN: 21 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Eat It!

Why is it bad you ask?

Traditionally flour was stone ground and all natural ingredients were used, making it a lot safer.  These days our flour is highly refined, chemical bleaches are used along with other additives, and so, this is why we have all the health problems we do today.

Refining food destroys nutrients! When the most nutritious part of the grain is removed from processed foods like white flour, it essentially becomes a form of sugar.  Beneficial unsaturated fats, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and vitamin B, are lost in the refining process.

In your pursuit to quit, I would suggest you find a baker that uses stone ground flour with no chemical additives, this is what I did.  Switch to stone ground, and with time cut back. You will find it easier once off the high refined flour which creates more cravings. Try to find wheat free.  I believe in guiding people to the natural and safer options, it is more successful in helping them to transition and to quit. Simply telling people to instantly give it up doesn't work!  These are old ingrained habits, so it can be tough. Helping people to make wiser choices means that they become Conscious of what they eat, and so they begin to make healthier choices with everything else.  When they begin to see results, they become empowered to stop unhealthy habits more easily on their own.

21 Reasons to Quit Gluten:

  1. Gluten has a very negative effect on the digestive system
  2. Chemical bleaching in white flour results in the formation of alloxan, this causes diabetes
  3. It causes inflammation 
  4. It damages the brain
  5. It damages the skin 
  6. It damages joints
  7. Gluten increases a protein molecule called Zonulin, this makes the intestinal cells more permeable causing leaky gut syndrome
  8. A permeable gut allows toxins to slip through, activating an inflammatory response in the brain
  9. It causes celiac disease and osteoarthritis
  10. Gluten causes brain fog
  11. It results in slow mental processing
  12. It causes anxiety
  13. It causes depression and emotional disturbances
  14. Gluten reduces energy levels 
  15. Gluten intake leads chronic acne, eczema, and dermatitis 
  16. Chronic inflammation, over time, leads to neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease
  17. It causes cerebellar ataxia (inability to maintain balance and poor coordination)
  18. Metabolized gluten produces the opiates gluteomorphin and prodynorphin, which have an addictive effect leading to food addictions to sugar and gluten containing carbs
  19. About 80% of people develop gluten sensitivity
  20. It causes sensitivity to transglutaminase-7 (TG-7), found in the lungs, leading to asthma and other pulmonary challenges
  21. Gluten sensitivity triggers the adrenals to pump out stress hormones every time it is consumed, this leads to adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue

Removing food stressors like gluten, genetically modified foods, sugary foods, and pasteurized dairy, allows the adrenals to come down.  The result is better sleep, more energy, and emotional balance.

When I started to cut back on gluten, sugar, and other inflammatory foods, I found that I looked and felt much better.  My skin began to clear, my hair became more shiny.  I also felt more mentally sharp, and I definitely felt a difference in my joints which had previously troubled me. I find I am more emotionally balanced too.

Remember, gluten is addictive and causes cravings, so it can be challenging when trying to quit. However, if you change to stoneground and then work at eliminating it slowly from your diet, allowing yourself to adjust, you will eventually kick the habit.  Consuming real foods from the earth, juicing vegetables and increasing good micro nutrients; and eating healthy organic fats like raw butter, yogurt, grass-fed eggs, avocado etc, will help in reducing cravings.

The sad thing is most people are clueless of these harmful side effects and think their problems are sometimes just a part of the ageing process which is not true. The way we age is wrong. You can have great physical and mental health in old age if you eat right.

Gluten and wheat age the body.  Make the effort to quit, the benefits are so worth it!


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