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World Kidney Day - 08 MARCH

The kidneys (about fist sized) are located just below your rib cage on either side of the spine, an adrenal gland sits on top of them.  The kidneys job is to maintain a balance of water and minerals and the acid/alkaline content in the blood.  It acts as a filter for unwanted substances by determining what is good and what is toxic.
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Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is a condition in which the kidneys are damaged and cannot filter blood well. This damage causes waste to build up in the body.  Chronic kidney disease, if not treated, can lead to kidney failure, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, anemia, bone disease and malnutrition.

Controlling blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol may slow the progression of kidney disease.

Remember two important things to restore health and to cure disease:

1) Toxins - Replace chemical household and body products with natural/organic products. Drink clean water (reverse osmosis).  Drugs damage the kidney.  Avoid sugar, processed foods and bad fats (margarine, canola & sunflower oil).

2) Deficiency - Eat food from the earth, non GMO.   Use natural supplements, avoid coal tar derivative vitamins. Drugs cause deficiency as they rob the body of nutrients.

One rarely feels symptoms in the early stages of chronic kidney disease. Blood and urine tests are the only ways to tell if you have the disease.

There is a variety of foods and herbal teas to help support the kidney.

Addressing Emotional Issues

Excerpts:  Deb Shapiro - Your Body Speaks Your Mind

"In Chinese medicine the kidneys are known as the seat of fear, because the adrenal glands release adrenaline into the body in response to excitement anger, panic, and stress.  The kidneys respond to fear, to unexpressed grief and loss.  At times of kidney difficulties it is essential to find ways to release feelings"

BodyMind Dialogue - If your kidneys have been bothering you ask yourself:

  • Do you need more balance in your life?
  • Can you let go of the past?
  •    Are you worried or anxious about something in your life?

  • Are you holding on to negative feelings - fear, anger, resentment, bitterness?



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