Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Essential Herbal Products - Local Is Lekker!

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Sue Clarke and Christine Andrews,  are partners of Essential Herbal Products in Durban.

Essential Herbal Products has a wonderful range of oils, herbal remedies, teas and body products that are natural; they contain no chemicals, and are kind to your body and kind to Mother Earth.  I have been using their essential oils and herbal products since 2010.

What do I use their herbs for?  

For healing.  I add them to my homemade veg and fruit juices and smoothies! I drink their yummy herbal teas.

What do I use their essential oils for? many things:
1) burn them in a burner with a little water to make the home smell beautiful
2) use a few drops in your bath water as a treat eg. lavender for relaxation
3) make your own natural air fresh spray
4) make your own personalized liquid soap
5) make your own natural perfume
6) use them as natural insect repellents
And much, much more........

Going green is not as expensive as you may think, I have learnt to master these things in two years.  It is simple...believe me!  Wait and see...

Love and Light


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