Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Birth of Bodhi Chi

I am Jessica, everyone calls me Jess. Bodhi Chi was born out of my own personal transformation, mentally, emotionally, physically and soulfully. This is an ongoing journey that I wish to share with you. My wish for you is that Bodhi Chi can bring inspiration to your life's journey.
In Chinese, Bodhi means "awakening" or "to know", and Chi means "life force energy".

A healthy, strong, and balanced person is known to have good Chi; a weak and ill person has bad Chi. And, when a being dies, the Chi energy leaves the body. Chi moves along the 12 meridians of the body, and 8 vessels in the human body. Meridians transfer this life force energy to all organs and body parts. All organs, systems, and parts of the body are secondary in relation to Chi, which provides them all with the power they need to function.
Bodhi Chi serves to bring you to awareness of your body, not just the physical body, but the energetic body. Your health and wellbeing is first and foremost affected through the energy body.  In order to restore balance, one needs to take a holistic approach by addressing issues on a mental, emotional, physical and soul level.
To live a Soulful life means to live Consciously, in Mindful Awareness of ones thoughts, emotions and actions.  Soul growth requires deep Introspection of the Self, in order to see ones illusions.  This is achieved through the ongoing practice of meditation, which allows us to observe ourselves more closely, so that we slowly but surely work through the conditioning which has disempowered us throughout our lives.

Mentally: Bodhi Chi seeks to guide those who wish to explore their innermost being and potential through the means of meditation. Understand Mind. Learn to reconnect with oneself and experience inner peace and bliss which is every beings birthright! Connect with the internal guide & navigator, to learn to discern reality from illusion. Learn to break down the layers of indoctrination that has disempowered you. Transform your Mind

Emotionally: Bodhi Chi aims to show others how to be kinder to themselves, others, the environment and all living things on Mother Earth. Living with a heart of gratitude, compassion and servitude, brings unity and love to your being and the world around you.

Physically: Bodhi Chi wishes to inspire others to take back their health and wellbeing....take back their power! Eat healthy, take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live. Have radiant health and beauty!  Stop exposing your body to household chemicals and body products!  Choose natural and organic products where you can. "Your bodies ability to heal is greater than you have been led to believe!"

Soulfully: Bodhi Chi wishes to encourage others to do what they love most so that this life's journey can be joyously fulfilled!  Follow your Passion!  Be true to yourself and to others. Understand that it is the illusion of separation which brings suffering, and returning to Oneness brings healing and Pure Love. Nurture your Soul.  To ultimately experience the Magic of this Life align your thoughts, words and actions in loving kindness. Experience synchronicity as you begin to connect and align yourself with the truth and nature of reality in your daily life!
A wonderful life awaits you....and the journey is far more amazing than you think! So...What are you waiting for.....?

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Lao Tzu

Love and Light

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